Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Double up on your Savings!-ebay giftt cards

As I have previously explained. I am a shopper! :) I love to shop. It's possible I may even have a problem. Well that is what my husband says but we won't get into that now. I need a whole new blog for that one. :) Shopping the way I do I have to try and save. Of course I use my coupons. I check for new coupons on line every day religously. Over the last year I have added a new element to my savings. I buy gift cards on
Ebay I buy them for all my regular stores.
Victoria's Secret
Bath & Body Works
and of course Walmart I buy them for my son and husband too. My husband rarely shops, when he does it's at
Home Depot or
Lowes My son loves
American Eagle and we have an equal obsession with
Hollister and
Abercrombie & Fitch :) This really is a great way to save at any store you frequent. If you know you are going to Walmart and will spend $50 buy a gift card. You may be able to get it for $30 if you hit the right auctions. Even at $40 it's a $10 dollar savings. Combine that with your coupons! Be sure to sign up for any rewards programs that the stores have. American Eagle has the "All Access" pass. You sign up for it and present it every time you make an AE purchase. You accumulate points and 4 times a year they send you coupons. The coupons can be for 20 30 or 40% off your entire purchase! At Christmas I had an $300 AE gift card I had won on ebay for $211.22. (a little tip-the higher the gift card price the more you can normally save) I also had a coupon for 40% off my entire purchase. You can see what a huge savings it was. Try it with a small gift card purchase. Spending $10 is much easier than spending $100 and will help build your trust. Check the sellers feedback and pay through paypal. That way you can make sure your transaction is secure. Double up on your Savings!-ebay gift cards

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