Thursday, May 15, 2008

Free Snapfish Prints and a $7 Coupon and Nicoderm Sample

I was browsing around on line today to see if I could find us anything good :) I did find a new Sporths Authority Coupon which I listed below. Hopefully that will help some of you out with your Father's Day shopping. There is also a new coupon for Lane Bryant. I beleive that is good until the end of the year.
I also found a few freebies. I'm not a freebie junkie. It takes too long to fill out the info and too long to receive the product which is usually not up to par anyway. This one looks pretty good. It's a free sample of Nicoderm and a $7 coupon. Click this link: I ordered it for my father in law. He has had 3 heart attacks and has still not given them up. We're working on him :) I also found an offer from Snapfish that I thought was pretty good. If you sign up before June 30th you recieve 50 free prints and 1 free 8x10. My nephew graduated high school last week. My sister joined. It's great for grads, summer vacations, Father's Day....lots of stuff :)

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