Monday, June 23, 2008

Blockbuster Free Movies & Games

My husband and I joined Blockbuster Total Access about 3 months or so ago. I wanted to tell you guys about it because it's a great subscription. First off - no late fees. (will save this family thousands this year alone:)) Free Shipping and now you have the option to exchange your movies in the store instead of online. If you like to watch movies and you rent a lot of them or if you rent a lot of video games this is for you. I put a link below for 2 week free trial. At least give it a try. You might like it :) Plans start at $3.99 a month. You can't beat that. And the real reason I decided to write about this today is because I received two coupons from Blockbuster in the mail today. The first is for $10 off any movie (purchased) and the second was for $25 off any game (purchased). My son already used the $25 off any game :) They also run a lot of specials and promotions when your a member. Take advantadge of the free 2 week trial! I heard they are going discontinue this soon so sign up now! :)

Just click this link for 2 weeks worth of free movies!

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