Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do You Want to Work from Home

People often ask me how I got started working from home. They also ask me how they can get started :) That's hard to answer. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Everyone has different talents - some areas they are particularly strong in and others just aren't their thing. To make money selling online you have to have a product (duh:)) You have to be able to obtain this product reasonably and it has to be product other people are interested in. You are not going to make much money if no one likes/wants your item. You probably don't need me to point that one out. Selling isn't the only online opportunity. There is affiliate marketing. mystery shopping. customer service, and many more. Virtual assistants are very popular and that opportunity is growing more and more daily. But once again - can you type? Are you familiar with spread sheets? Microsoft office? Each employer requires different skills. It's definitely hard to give advice on this particular topic. I have so many readers who ask me. I get at least 10 emails a day and I would love to help everyone. I send lists with ideas and companies I know to be legitimate. 7uh I know what it's like to try and work full time and raise a family. It's not easy. It's not easy being a Mom. Dropping your kids off at a daycare or the sitters can be gut wrenching. I remember when my son used to cling to my legs. He wouldn't cry. He wouldn't scream. He wouldn't beg me not to go but him hugging my legs and the look on his broke my heart. I could cry just thinking about it. If we make the decision to stay home with our kids it can be a huge financial strain. At times it feels like a no win situation. That's why I was happy when an associate emailed me and asked me to check out a website and tell him what I thought. This is a site that matches you with work from home jobs that are suited to you! It's free of course (would not be here if it weren't:)). I asked to of my friends who are both stay at home Mom's to try it out and they both loved it. My one friend is actually doing the job they matched her with! It's a customer service job. She takes orders on the phone for a very well known company. I'm not sure if I am allowed to say the name or not. (J Crew.....sssshhhhh) If you are looking for a way to make a few extra dollars or even earn a full time income then you should really check this out. It's free. There is nothing to lose. Just click the cute little button directly below and it will take you right there! :)

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