Saturday, September 20, 2008

Free Ticket to Disney World or Land for your Bday

I'm going to Disney World!! :)

Well I have to admit - the last few years me and my family hit Universal Studios. We used to do Disney. We would even stay on their property. About 5 years ago we tried Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and never went back. My kids love Universal Studios but one of the best things for us is price. Their park hoppers are unbeatable. You can also stay at their properties much more reasonably. We stay in two Bedroom Villa as opposed to a two bed room in Disney. (1 room, 2 beds:)) Disney never offered any good deals. Universal was always combining things to help you stay for alittle less. Anyway, looks like Disney may be coming back! They have a great promotion for 2009. Next year everyone will be able to come to a Walt Disney World theme park on their birthdays and get in free.That's the cornerstone of the 2009 national promotional campaign, "What will you celebrate?" announced today by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Anyone showing up with a valid ID including proof of birthdate will get a free ticket on that day in 2009 for one of the theme parks at Disney World or at Disneyland in California.
Thanks so much to Stacey a reader and Cast Member over Disney World for passing this info along! Here is the link. Make sure to sign everyone up! :)

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