Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Save & Earn Ways to Make Some Extra $$$ Now

I ran into a friend today who I haven't seen in several months. She told me that her husband had recently lost his job. She has been a stay at home Mom for about 5 years now. They have 2 boys. Both of her boys are in private school. This time last year her husband was doing really well at work. He was promoted twice over a 6 month period and his salary doubled. They decided to buy a new home. Bottom line - they have lots of bills coming in and not much cash flow. They are both now looking for work. I told her I would send her an email with some resources to make some extra cash from home in the interim. I have probably posted most of these links on this blog in this past but decided to update it. I'm always on the lookout for ways to make or save money and belong to some really good programs. Hopefully these will help you too.
The first one I'll mention is mypoints. I have been a member for 11 years (beleive it or not :)) I love this site. It's free to join - of course and there is nothing to buy. The site has lots of great coupons and codes. They also pay you for reading their emails and checking out their sponsors. You never give a credit card number or anything like that. It is 100% free. Your paid in points which when you hit a certain amount you trade in for gift cards (or other gifts I'm just a big fan of the gift cards and don't pay much attention to the other stuff:)) I normally get a gift card from them once a month. Last week I received my $25 Bath & Body Works Card. I just traded in my points again today for a $50 Walmart Card which I plan on giving my sister for her birthday next month. I realize this isn't cash but there are so many different stores and restaraunts you can gift cards for. They even have hotels and cruises. It's something you have to check out. Here is the link: Join MyPoints
My newest program is SnapDollars. This is an excellent paid to read emails site. I normally do not recommend these but this one is good and pays quickly. Free of course. Here is the link: http://offto.net/02kusa/
Swagbucks is getting pretty well known but if you are not a member already I would recommend this site. This site pays you to do searches. They use the big search engines like google so you are really being paid to do something that you do anyway. My hub really likes this site too. Once again this is points type site that you redeem for cash, gift cards or other prizes. Hub really likes their gifts. I'm still stuck on the Gift Cards. Just got $25 for Amazon :) Sign up here: http://swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=282806
If you shop online at all you need to sign up with one of the rebate sites. There are several out there now but I am still with Big Crumbs. In my opinion they have the most stores and pay really good percentages back. It's deposited directly into your paypal account so it's easy and convenient. You can refer people and make even more. I just got paid a little over $20 but at Christmas I got over $100. Yep - free to join :) Start earning with Big Crumbs today
I'm sure I have more programs that are just not hitting me right now but the above are my faves. In this economy you can't save enough. I'll be back to post some coupons soon.
Hope you enjoy the lings

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