Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get $500 In Huggies Products and a Free Ipod - All in One Post! :)

I just found this and wanted to pass it along. This is free and your chances of winning are very good. I know we have a lot of parents who read this blog and could use this. These surverys are so short and easy to take. There are tons of other prizes so do several. It's easy to win something.
Take Free surveys - Win $500 in Huggies!
I had also signed up for a new site that I wanted to share. (had to make sure it worked first) :) This is an awesome site. Well there are actually two of them. You can either earn cash (deposited into your paypal account or you can earn points and buy things from Amazon.com. Well I have been doing the points and just the other day I was able to get my son a new Ipod with the points I earned!!! I have been reading up on this one and every one seems really happy with it. They are saying it is one of the best Paid to Click out there and I am pretty close to agreeing with them. Once again it is absolutely free. It is not a site where you have to complete and pay for and the refer 15 friends. You do it yourself. Sometimes it is as easy as clicking on advertisier site. Other times you may need to leave your email address for a newsletter. I made up an email address for this account alone. So far there has not been to much spam but it's still a good idea. You really need to check this out. I have my Mom doing it. She bought 3 books on Amazon and my sister is stocking up on stationery. It's really fun and the members are so great and offer tons of support. Give it a try!! Click here: http://is.gd/1iXnE

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