Wednesday, September 9, 2009

$25 Gift Cards for $1 at!

Below is the link for 90% off every $25 Gift Card you purchase from! I just saw this and wanted to post it ASAP. I purchased 15 of them and it cost me $15. I got 3 for our favorite restaraunt, 2 for ones we have been meaning to try and the rest in Gifts for Christmas. I bought one for my next door neighbor, school teachers, family & friends. I still have a few more days to get my list together but this is an unbeatable deal. I have never seen 90% before. Make sure to get yours now!
Save 90% off w/every $25 Gift Cert. order. Use code NINETY and Pay$1 thru 9/13/09 3:01 AM PST at

Also the Swoopo Fall coupon for $10 off your first win is now available. Click here for details!

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